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Diddies Dance

This is a fun parent and toddler movement class. we sing songs and dance to our favourite songs e.g. Baby Shark, Shake Your Sillies Out. We dance with props such as pom poms to keep them engaged. Great to get your little ones active, focused and teaches them to follow instructions. 

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Diddie Swans & Tappers

This is a beginners pre school Ballet & Tap class for 2-5 year old's. We start learning basic technique like " good Toes & Naughty Toes"  Also exploring characters like fairy's, soldiers and witches. we get to explore ballet & tap in a fun way with props, games and music. 

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Diddies Gym

This is an introduction to Acrobatic Dance for pre-schoolers aged 2-5 years. We do a fun warm ups & stretches which teaches them to stretch safely while playing. we dance  & learn routines with props e.g. ribbons & pom poms, to kids favourite pop songs. Then we learn fun lifts and tricks and parents are welcome to learn to how to lift and support safely (because we know they cant stop flipping once they have learned)  

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 Junior Ballet & Tap 

This is a beginners ballet and tap class for 5-11 years, they now start practising for exams and more technical work, learning newer and more advanced steps .we still have fun playing through characters and telling story's like going to the seaside or running through the rain.

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 Junior Gym

This is a beginners gymnastics class for 5-11 years, we start developing the basic tricks to make them more difficult working on balance and flexibility. we also start adding tricks into their routines and preparing them for  exams and performances.  They now start learning to lift & do tricks with each other.

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Adult Ballet!

This is a mixed ability adults ballet class from beginners to intermediates! learn basic ballet technique while making new friends, learning routines & performance technique helping to reduce stress, gain strength, loose wait and reach your dancing goals.

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